2018 And Something New

Well here we are in 2018. One of my goals for this upcoming year is to increase communication throughout the church and this blog is going to be a primary tool to accomplish that goal.

I will be blogging regularly about sermons, sermon series, about events at the church, about my thoughts, books I’m reading and other topics that will help you understand where Hope Church is headed this year.

There will also be guest bloggers, on occasion. Other leaders of Hope Church will step up and share what’s happening in their ministry area.

We finished strong in 2017 and I thank God for that and I know God has some awesome stuff planned for 2018. I invite you to follow this blog, interact with it, comment and share as God is moving in Hope Church.

See you Sunday.

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  1. Scott says:

    Good start and I’m sure it takes time…………….I hope many more will take the time to read these posts. Except for the useless diatribe on the Silladelphia beagles this is a good site. Hope there’s more in the near future.

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