A True Blue Spectacle….

As a child in the 70’s, my mother, like many other women of that time was a big fan of Barry Manilow.  (Yes the Copacabana and Mandy guy.) I remember having the occasional job of grabbing the stack of vinyl that had just finished playing on the record player and flipping it over so she could hear the other side of the six or seven albums that were stacked on the spindle.

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One song that seems to have stuck with me is the song Miracle, off of Manilow’s second studio album, Barry Manilow II, The Revenge! (just kidding). The single did well, reaching number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, and number one on the Easy Listening charts.

Since we are knee-deep in our series on miracles, You Were Born For This, I can’t seem to get this song out of my head. Like many of Manilow’s songs of the time it is about life and romance. How he is so happy he’s home again with the love of his life. Here’s some of the lyrics:

But now that I'm home again,
you know that I'm home to stay
'Cause it's a miracle
A true, blue spectacle,
a miracle come true
We're together, baby,
I was goin' crazy 'till a miracle came through
Now you're here and I'm feelin' so good
And, baby, there'll be dancin' in the streets
For the miracle
A true, blue spectacle, a miracle is you

The song makes a common mistake in our culture of assigning the work miracle to just about anything that’s pleasing or beneficial to a person or situation. But for those who are hearing the messages each Sunday, reading the book, and participating in a small group, you know that the word “miracle” is so much more than simply something good.

The Everyday Miracles that we have been talking about are not as rare as we think, and as you participate in this series you will see that they can be a regular occurrence in your life. But you need to use the Keys to make sure that you are ready to see them and step up to be God’s Miracle Delivery Agent.

First we talked about the Master Key. The Master Key is an urgent prayer to be sent by God to do His work. You enter the throne room of Heaven on a regular basis and ask God, “Please, send me!” This opens the world of Everyday Miracles.

This past Sunday (yes we are only 2 sessions in, plenty of time left, join us this week!), we learned of the People Key. The People Key is how you make God’s agenda and heart for people your own. You prepare for the inevitable collision between your preferences and God’s by yielding your rights in advance. That way he can deliver a miracle through you to anyone at any time. Part of the requirement for using this key is a Declaration of Right of Way (click to get your own Declaration), when we pre-commit to serving as God leads, anyone, anytime, anywhere.

This week we will look at a new key in our journey through the Land of Everyday Miracles. Join us!

A final note, we want to hear about YOUR miracles, minor-miracles and “God-incidences”. This Sunday, March 4 we will have a camera setup in room 3 (the library) to record you sharing about a miracle you experienced. Each small group leader has said that nearly everyone in their group shared a miracle experience and we want to share those with everyone. So please stop by and share a 1-3 minute story of a miracle, mini-miracle or “God-incidence” that you experienced.

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