What To Expect

Come as you are...

Here’s some information that should make your first time at Hope Church easy. Parking is available in the front lot, or around back in the back lot. You can also drop off folks at the front door and then park your car before heading inside. The lobby has rest rooms and changing stations on either side. Head straight in to the Worship Center and take any seat. There are no assigned or reserved seats. If you head out the doors in the back of the Worship Center you can stop in the kitchen or sign in your child for Sunday School, Children’s Church or Nursery. Our nursery is available during the worship service.

Hope Church may not be like any church you’ve been in before. We have no dress code. Most people come in jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, very casual. Yes, some people dress up, but that’s okay too. For us, your “Sunday best” is whatever you and the kids feel comfortable wearing.

We Love Families At Hope Church

There are lots of young kids and teens at Hope Church. Hope Church has a very clear Safe Sanctuary Policy that is enforced. All of the adults working with the children have had both criminal and child abuse background checks to make sure none of our children are at risk. We also do not allow any adult to be alone with our children, so as to minimize any possible risk. We take this very seriously.

We also require all parents/guardians to sign in their children to Sunday School and/or Children’s Church. No child will be released from that room until a designated parent/guardian arrives to retrieve the child. We take your child’s safety very seriously.

You may notice something a little different from other churches when you enter our Worship Center. In the back there are two tables with crayons, coloring books and activity sheets to keep the little ones occupied while you sit with them during worship. Both tables are also right by the back doors, so if they get out of hand you can pop into the nursery or the kitchen and watch the service behind sound proof glass.

During the 9 AM hour we offer Sunday School for everyone.

During our Worship Service, at 10 AM, we offer Children’s Church. The kids receive a hands-on, kid friendly “sermon” that is usually interactive and keeps their attention. The kids are dismissed to Children’s Church just after the singing time.

The Worship Service

I’ve mentioned our singing time twice now, so I guess I should explain that as well. You will not find a pipe organ or pews here at Hope Church, we do have comfy chairs. We don’t use the hymnal, or a songbook, we project the lyrics to our songs on a screen. We made a decision when we were founded just over 25 years ago that we would be a church of contemporary worship music. Expect guitar, drum and electric bass music as we sing the modern worship songs of the Church.

The sermons are intended to be dynamic, sometimes funny, occasionally heart-warming, at times challenging, but always centered on the bible and how it applies to us today. There’s an outline to take notes in the bulletin, or you can use your smart phone/tablet as the sermon outline is also available online for you to fill out. We often use video as part of the sermon to help clarify a point and you may hear the occasional song as well. My goal is to teach the Eternal Truth in a way that is helpful, relevant and clear for people today.

The People Of Hope Church

We are a diverse group of people who are mostly under 50, and live in the nearby community. We gather each week and between Sundays for worship and fellowship. We are parents, grand-parents, blue-collar, white-collar, stay-at-home parents, teachers, nurses, executives, owners, employees, daughters, sons, but most of all, we are the People of Hope Church.

Hope Church is a place with something for the whole family. Feel free to stop by some Sunday. We gather at 10 AM each week. I look forward to seeing you then!

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